Academy 3.0 and NCSL Summit Recap

by | Aug 29, 2022 | AVC Newsletter

Special Edition: Academy 3.0 Recap 
 We promised an Academy 3.0 recap with the September edition of the State Legislators Article V Caucus Newsletter, but we just couldn’t wait two more weeks to share what happened in Denver!

Academy 3.0 attendees learned about Delegate Selection, Delegate Instruction & Oversight, and Overcoming Convention Apprehension. Feedback on the presentations was overwhelmingly positive, thanks to the efforts of Neal Schuerer and Vickie Deppe at Path to Reform, Sam Fieldman of Wolf-PAC, constitutional attorneys Dave Guldenschuh and Mike Stern, Bruce Lee of the Phoenix Correspondence Commission, and Representatives Carmine Gentile (D-MA) and Ken Ivory (R-UT). Special thanks to Representative Ivory for serving not just as a panelist, but also handling host and emcee duties with aplomb.


The entire staff of Path To Reform was present both for the Academy and to staff our booth in the exhibition hall during the NCSL Legislative Summit. We connected with dozens of state legislators and legislative staff from both parties, including leadership, as well as NCSL staff and committee members.


Our booth featured polling on the question, “If you could change one thing about Washington, what would it be?” Corruption was the top vote-getter at 96 votes, followed closely by wasteful spending (95) and injustice (76). Participants came up with over a dozen write-ins, including election & campaign reform, polarization, and term limits.


Many thanks to our Path To Reform staff for their hard work and professionalism.


We had over 1,500 new visitors to the Path To Reform website, and traffic has continued at an increased level since then. will become the official home of Dave Guldenschuh’s Article V Convention Legislative Progress Report.


Thanks to the efforts of Kevin Lundberg, the Academy was captured on video. It will be available online once editing is complete.


Planning is already underway for the next Academy. What would you like to learn more about? Please send your suggestions to