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Mark Your Calendar
America on the Brink of War
Article V News
Who Said It?

Mark Your Calendar

Attention, state legislators: Neal Schuerer, President of Path to Reform and member of the Article V Caucus Steering Committee, predicts that the first-ever Article V Convention in American history will likely occur in the next 24 months.

Is your state ready to take advantage of this historic opportunity? If not, plan to attend Academy of States 3.0: Tools to Prepare for a Convention to Propose Amendments in Denver, CO, on July 31 and August 1, 2022. If you are ready and would like to share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues from across the nation, please contact Neal at

This workshop will equip state legislatures with practical skills to effectively participate in a convention to propose amendments. Topics include:
* drafting a delegate selection statute
* creating delegate instruction, oversight, and enforcement measures

* how bipartisan cooperation figures in drafting and approving viable amendments

Meals will be provided, along with ample opportunities to network with other legislators and Article V experts.


Please note that this event is exclusively for legislators and legislative staff. It will be recorded and made available for online viewing, but a remote participation component will not be offered. A link to the registration page will be available in the May newsletter.


America on the Brink of War
by Vickie Deppe


Good people differ on the extent to which the United States should be involved in the war in Ukraine, but our public discourse has raised serious questions about the tactics employed by elected officials in Washington who are pushing for ever-greater levels of involvement. Rather than engaging with those who don’t share their viewpoint, they smear and attempt to silence them. Anyone who notes the centuries-long history of conflict in the region or questions whether the US has a serious enough national interest in Ukraine to risk starting WWIII is painted as a Russian mouthpiece (or worse).


Perhaps the most egregious example in recent weeks is the allegation that former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) extended a “treasonous lie.” Her alleged sin? She suggested that biomedical research facilities in Ukraine should be secured to prevent the release of pathogens as a result of combat operations. Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) got the treason bandwagon rolling even after State Department official Victoria Nuland plainly stated that this was the case, consistent with the US Embassy’s statement in 2020. Congressmen Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) as well as media outlets from The View to Forbes quickly piled on.


Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) tweeted a demand that Rumble—a platform founded with the specific purpose of protecting the free speech rights of its content creators—silence those who disagree with his hawkish posture on Ukraine.

One can’t help but wonder why so many sitting members of Congress would make such rash, inflammatory, and blatantly unconstitutional statements amid a delicate diplomatic situation, even as the combatants themselves are engaged in negotiations to end the conflict.

Glenn Greenwald observes: “It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find any despot in history who does not weaponize accusations of “treason” against dissidents as a central instrument for control. That U.S. discourse has now descended completely to that level is barely debatable.”

What’s also barely debatable is that power and money have eclipsed the interests of the average American in Washington. When the states created the federal government, they had just emerged from a bloody war to secure their freedom. They delegated only a few, narrowly-defined powers to the new government because they feared that if it had too much power, it would once again subject them to tyrannical rule.

They were right.

It’s time for the states to reassert their constitutional authority. It’s time for an Article V Convention.


Article V News


In Wisconsin, a term limits application was passed. All remaining Article V applications died when the deadline for regular business passed in mid-March.


Convention of States Project 
West Virginia and South Carolina have become the 18th and 19th states to pass the CoSP application. In Hawaii, HR 96 and HCR 100 have been referred to the House Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs Committee. CoSP applications have been filed in IllinoisOhio, and Minnesota. Another is expected to be filed in Colorado. In Kansas, the CoSP application failed in the House.


Term Limits
In Hawaii, HCR 101 and HR 97 have been referred to the House Judiciary & Hawaiian Affairs Committee.


Delegate Selection and Oversight
The Kansas House has assigned HB 2722 to the Federal & State Affairs Committee. The Missouri House Rules Committee passed HB 2169, and SB 1040 has been referred to the Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics Committee.


Who Said It?
“Rights aren’t rights if someone can take them away. They’re privileges.”
George Carlin, 2008