August 2014 Newsletter

by | Sep 25, 2014 | AVC Newsletter

  • Forbes, The Hill – Time to Give Article V a Try
  • New Drive Seeks to Enable States to ‘Countermand’ (Rescind) Federal Actions
  • BBA Supportive Candidates Ignore Obvious BBA Tool
  • Governor Writes Governor Seeking Article V Support
  • BBA Team Plans Western Educational Tour
  • Heartland Institute Issues Article V-related Policy Study
  • Heritage Foundation Considers Its Position on Article V

Forbes, The Hill – Time to Give Article V a Try – 
The web site The Hill ran a story by Bernie Quigley on August 14 calling for use of Article V to curb federal power.  The article also included references to a piece inForbes wherein a public policy expert was quoted as saying about Article V: “It’s a really bad idea,” … “And it’s probably time we gave it a try.”

The writer suggests: “The essence of a proposed constitutional convention is for the states to understand themselves once again to be the essential, driving forces of the federation.”   Read more at:
New Drive Seeks to Enable States to 
‘Countermand’ (Rescind) Federal Actions – 
Another new Article V effort is underway.  A group called Citizen Initiatives (CI) has launched what they call the Countermand Amendment.

CI reports that they have legislators in 6 states (AK, WV, LA, GA, NC, and OK) ready to sponsor their proposed resolution during 2015 sessions.  The National Director for CI is Mike Coons. 907-745-6779 (cell: 907-355-2364). His e-mail

Article V Ignored as Obvious Amendment Tool – 
Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman (R) has long been a proponent of a Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget.  His opponent in the current congressional race, Andrew Romanoff (D) is now also running TV ads proclaiming the need for such an amendment.

However neither candidate (as is too often the case with political candidates who say they favor a balanced federal budget), has come out in favor of using an Article V convention of states as the tool to make that happen.

Governor Writes Governor Seeking Article V Support – 
In early August Ohio Governor John Kasich sent a letter to Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer, urging her to join in calling for a BBA-focused Article V convention of states to deal “with our nation’s unhealthy financial situation”.

He pointed out: “Virtually all of us have a balanced budget requirement (in our states) and it has served our states well, but the hope that the federal government will someday address our nation’s debt or enact a similar requirement is becoming more fleeting by the day.”

This past April, three different Article V resolutions that seemed destined for approval in the Arizona legislature were blocked from consideration by Senate President Andy Biggs.  At the time, AZ Rep Bob Thorpe said, “I will run my BBA bills again next year… I won’t give up.”

Pointing out to Brewer that: “A growing number of our peers and their legislatures are expressing concern with our nation’s unhealthy financial situation,” Kasich ended his letter by saying: “It is my hope that you will join the call for a federal balanced budget amendment.”

I Am American Team Plans Western Tour – 
It is believed that only 10 more states are needed to force a BBA-focused Article V convention of states.  The BBA Task Force (BBATF) is looking toward western state legislatures to account for those missing resolutions.

September 2 through 13 an affiliate of BBATF, the I Am American (IAA) team of Loren Enns and “Typhoon” Lou Marin will conduct educational rallies for legislators and citizen groups in six western states.  They will hold their sessions in two cities each in SD, WY, MT, and ID… and in one city each in UT and AZ.

This high-energy, highly-motivational team of Article V experts expects to draw together a disparate assortment of citizen activist groups and state legislators.  For scheduling information, write Scott Rogers, or call him at904-521-6690.

Heartland Institute Issues Article V-related Policy Study –
During July the Heartland Institute released a new Compact For America (CFA) policy study, “Introducing ‘Article V 2.0’: The Compact for a Balanced Budget” written by Nick Dranias.  The extensive document can be read/downloaded at:

Heritage Foundation Considers Its Position on Article V –
The July 29 – August 1 annual meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), in Dallas, included a Leadership Reception & Dinner.  Senator Jim DeMint, President of the Heritage Foundation, was the keynote speaker.

During the dinner a BBA Task Force representative briefly spoke with DeMint, pointing out that ALEC, Heritage and the BBATF all support the adoption of a balanced budget amendment to the U. S. Constitution. DeMint agreed.  But then it was pointed out that while ALEC and the BBATF support the use of Article V to make that amendment happen, in recent years Heritage has not supported use of that constitutionally-supplied tool.

DeMint indicated that he thought it was time for Heritage to reconsider its position on Article V.  With new ALEC CEO Lisa Nelson standing next to him, DeMint directed one of his staffers to set up a meeting between Heritage staffers, ALEC staffers and BBATF folks “during the ALEC Conference” to see how it might be possible for the groups to work together on Article V and other federalism issues.

That meeting, with 13 in attendance, took place the following afternoon.  Heritage staffers continue to study the question.

Former Presidential candidate Herman Cain was the keynote speaker at an ALEC luncheon three days later.  He used his time to tell state legislators why he supports a BBA-focused Article V state-initiated convention to amend the Constitution.  The evening before, Cain spoke at a special BBA Summit.  Watch his speech at:

Florida businessman William Fruth also gave at State of the Economy presentation.  Watch his important presentation here.

Also during the conference, Article V Caucus co-chair New Mexico State Representative Yvette Herrell was recognized as the ALEC State Chair of the year.  Each year, state legislators are recognized at the ALEC Annual Meeting for their leadership within the organization and their work promoting the Jeffersonian principles of limited government, free markets and federalism.

A Thought about Change-Making…
Which is a better use of a concerned citizen’s limited time and resources?  Electing a single officer-holder who might nudge things in the right way for a 2-, 4- or 6-year term?  Or to work for a change that will be in place for decades, even centuries, into the future?  A change that will benefit not just us and our children, but our grandchildren, great grandchildren, and their posterity as well.

Article V is the only way to achieve the changes that will save our Republic.
                                       Professor Rob Natelson