Academy of States 2.0:

Fiscal Sustainability II


  • Utah Representative Ken Ivory

  • Congressmen Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and John Katko (R-24).

  • Admiral Bill Owens

  • Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Stephen Markman and Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig 

  • Business Executive, Consultant, and Author John Ramsey

  • Former U.S. Comptroller General David M. Walker

  • American Promise Board Member Jim Rubens and Wolf-PAC National Council Samuel Fieldman

  • U.S. Term Limits Western Regional Director Ron Hooper

  • Presenters: Entrepreneur and Citizen Activist David Biddulph and Emeritus Professor of Economics Barry Poulson

  • The “No Runaway” Article V Conventions Act Presenters: Samuel Fieldman and David Biddulph


PDF Handout:
This 174-page document includes all the resources and handouts from the academy. It includes bookmarks to provide an easily navigable menu.

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