Currently Active Article V Movements

There are two ways to propose Constitutional amendments. Congress can propose amendments any time it wishes. The states can propose amendments once they meet in an Article V convention of states. This web site focuses primarily on the convention of states approach, but includes information on non-convention approaches as well.

As of January 2020 there are four types of Article V convention-related movements: currently active campaigns, efforts that are not currently active, “pop-up” efforts, and auxiliary efforts. Following this list is contact information related to non-convention efforts to amend the US Constitution.


Currently Active Article V Campaigns


Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force

As of January 2020 this group had 28 active BBA-focused state applications, but only 27 of them are believed to have common enough characteristics to be aggregated.
Web site:
Primary Leader: Bill Fruth – Email:  Phone: 772-781-5559
Mailing Address: 2740 SW Martin Downs Blvd. #279, Palm City, FL 34990

Objective: This organization was formed in 2010 to resume the Reagan-era effort to use Article V to propose a balanced budget amendment. When the group started, it counted 16 remaining active state applications for a BBA-focused convention of states. The BBA Task Force is a small under-funded, but vigorous group.

Model Resolutions:
Sample BBA Application Resolution – HERE
Sample Resolution for Selection of Article V Convention Commissioners – HERE

An associated organization:

Center for State-led National Debt Solutions

This 501(c)3 organization conducts educational initiatives in support of the BBA movement.
Web site:
Primary Leaders:
Gov. Scott Walker, Honor National Chairman
Loren Enns, President –
David Guldenschuh, Executive Director –

Mailing Address: 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, D.C. 20006

Phone:  706-388-9090


Convention of States Project

As of January 2020 this group had 14 active state applications.
Web site:
Primary Leaders:
Mark Meckler –
Rita Dunaway –
Phone: 540-830-1229
Mailing Address: 2379 Massanetta Road, Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Objective: The Convention of States Project is affiliated with Citizens for Self-Governance, a grassroots organization that seeks a multi-subject Article V convention. Their focus is on imposing fiscal restraints on the federal government; limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government; and limiting the terms of office for its officials and members of Congress. This is one of the better-funded Article V efforts.

Model Resolution:
A Sample CoSP Application Resolution – HERE

Two associated organizations:

Citizens for Self-Governance

This 501(c)3 organization is “dedicated to the mission of recruiting, educating, training, equipping and motivating a nationwide network of self-governing citizen activists, committed to bringing government back to the people.”

Web site:
Primary Leader:
Mark Meckler –
Address: 5850 San Felipe, Suite 575A, Houston, Texas 77057
Phone: 512-441-7227

Convention of States Action

This 501(c)4 organization was created to gather support for the Convention of States Project.
Facebook page:
Primary Leader:
Mark Meckler, President –

Phone:  770-880-6507


The Act 2 Reforms

Web site:
Primary Leaders:

Frank & Carol Kenney, Founders –
Phone: 303-932-9339
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 151145, Lakewood, Colorado 80215
Neal Schuerer, Executive Director –
Phone: 319-551-3231 voice or text

Objectives: Conceived in the early 2000s, Act 2 is a non-partisan, not-for-profit that seeks to take “a big picture, common sense approach” to solving the Washington, D.C. dysfunction and waste. Their proposed constitutional amendments are described as “simple in concept, yet profound in impact”: (a) enforce the rule of law on all federal employees (b) to give Congress a quick tool to block new regulations, (c) to force Congress to include all claims on the federal purse in the budget, (d) to apply term limits to Congress and the judiciary, and (e) to sharply reduce the power of money in

On February 1, 2019 Mr. and Mrs. Keeney issued this statement: “As co-founders of Act2 Reforms we realize that none of our proposed reforms have any meaning unless we obtain a convention to consider them under Article V of the US Constitution, so organizing a convention will be our primary goal over the near term.  At this historical and critical point in our nation’s history, we invite all organizations, groups and individuals interested in obtaining a convention to join us in the effort.”


US Term Limits

As of January 2020 this group had 3 active state applications and they believe the Convention of States Project applications of 12 other states can be aggregated with those three for a total of 15. Throughout 2019 this group was very successful in gaining formal pledges of support from state and congressional legislators.
Web site:
Primary Leaders:
Howard Rich, Chairman
Philip Blumel, President –
Nick Tomboulides, Executive Director –
Phone: 202-261-3532
Mailing Address: 1250 Connecticut Ave. NW, #200, Washington, DC 20036

Objective: This organization has been very successful in enacting term limit amendments into state constitutions. It is now focusing on the use of Article V to enact term limits on members of the U.S. Congress. A Rasmussen poll has showed that 74 percent of Americans are behind the idea, while only 13 percent oppose.

Model Resolution:
Sample US Term Limits Article V Application – HERE



As of January 2020 this group had 5 active state applications.
Web site:
Primary Leaders:
Mike Monetta, National Director
Phone: 603-812-8173
Cenk Uyger, Founder

Objective: Begun in 2011, this group often refers to itself as the “free and fair elections” or “campaign finance reform” movement. For the most part, they seek to use Article V to add the 28 th Amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision and related campaign finance decisions… decisions they say “have resulted in the unjust influence of powerful economic forces, which have supplanted the will of the people by undermining our ability to choose political leadership, write our own laws and determine the fate of our [government].”

Model Legislation:
Wolf-PAC Article V Application as introduced in Washington State in 2019 – HERE
And as introduced in New Mexico in 2019 – HERE

An associated organization:

American Promise

This organization is loosely affiliated with Wolf-PAC. American Promise is not necessarily pursuing an Article V Convention to propose amendments. The organization says it has been agnostic on this point, and is pursuing an all-of-the-above approach to a “Fair and Free Elections” amendment. American Promise was founded by Jeff Clements, the former Assistant Attorney General of Massachusetts.
Web sites:

Primary Leader:
Jeff Clements, President
Phone: 978-254-6275
Mailing Address: 33 Bradford Street, Concord, MA 01742
Web site:


American Promise Amendment Effort

The stated goal of American Promise: “to organize Americans to win the 28th Amendment to the Constitution to restore American democracy in which We the People—not big money, not corporations, not unions, not special interests—govern ourselves”.

This organization and its affiliate, Business for American Promise work with a variety of other organizations (including WolfPAC) to foster the above described constitutional amendment either as a proposal by Congress or as a proposal generated by an Article V convention of states.

Primary Leader:
Jeff Clements, President
Phone: 978-254-6275
Mailing Address: 33 Bradford Street, Concord, MA 01742
Web Sites:


Article V Campaigns
That Are Not Currently Active


Citizen Initiatives / Countermand Amendment

As of January 2020 this group had 1 active state application.
Web site:
Primary Leader:
Charles Kacprowicz –
Phone: 828-783-0599
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 523 Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Objective: The Countermand Amendment is designed to give states the authority to rescind federal laws and rulings that state leaders believe encroach on states’ rights. Operating under the name Citizen Initiatives, the group also has its own suggested Delegate Instruction bill.


Compact for America /Compact for a Balanced Budget

As of January 2020 this group had 5 member states in their Compact.

Web site:
Primary Leaders:
Chip DeMoss, Compact Administrator –
Phone: 281-286-5864 or 281-235-8311
2323 Clear Lake City Blvd., Suite 180-190, Houston, Texas 77062
Former Alaska Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell, Compact Commission Chair
Georgia State Rep. Paulette Rakestraw –
Vice Chair of the Compact for a Balanced Budget Commission ,
Phone: 770-294-1039

Objective: Compact for America has been focusing on getting a pre-written balanced budget amendment into the Constitution through use of legislative agreements to enter into a compact of 38 states. In 2018 the group filed an “Activating Resolution” with the US House of Representatives. It was not considered in the US Senate where Compact leaders believe the measure is not subject to a filibuster. They plan to re-introduce the measure during the new session of Congress.

Model Legislation:
Their package of proposed legislation – HERE

An associated organization:

Compact for America Educational Foundation

One initiative of the CfA Educational Foundation is the Debt Default Clock Review Committee and its Debt Default Clock (see it HERE). The Committee and its Clock seek to project how close the US is to “a catastrophic federal default”.

Web site: CfAEF shares a web site with Compact for America –
Primary Leaders:
Thomas C. Patterson, MD, Board Chairman –
Phone: 602-300-4783

Chip DeMoss, Managing Director –
Phone: 281-286-5864 0r 281-235-8311
2323 Clear Lake City Blvd., Suite 180-190, Houston, Texas 77062


Single Subject Amendment

This group has 1 active state application.

Web site:
Primary Leaders:
W. S. “Spider” Webb, Jr. –
Phone: 850-694-2607
Mary M. Bebout –
Phone: 850-443-0693

Objective: This group is seeking a Constitutional amendment that would provide that a law cannot be enacted by Congress unless it pertains to only one subject. If adopted, the amendment would prohibit “riders”, “earmarks” and “pork barrel spending” that are
not related to the subject of the bill.

Model Resolution:
Sample Single Subject Amendment Resolution as adopted in Florida – HERE


“Pop-Up” Article V Efforts

Periodically state legislatures adopt an application for an Article V convention that is totally outside the scope of any of the main stream Article V movements. Unless two or more states adopt similar applications, or there is an active organization working to
obtain additional states, this web site does not track them.


Auxiliary Article V Efforts


Let Us Vote for a BBA

For the most part, this group is not actively campaigning for new state applications. Rather, it seeks to get Congress to count and act on existing Article V applications… and seeks to influence Congress to select its second option for ratification of any proposed resolutions produced by an Article CV convention… state conventions, thus their Let Us Vote name.
Web site:
Primary Leader:
David Biddulph –
Mae James – Executive Director
Phone: 386-423-4744
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 193, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32170
Objectives: This organization, formed in May 2018 seeks to get Congress (a) to count existing state applications for an Article V convention to propose Constitutional amendments and to call such a convention; (b) get Congress to declare that no amendment proposal outside the scope of the subject(s) specified in state applications which triggered the convention will be forwarded to the states for ratification; and (c) adopt the principle that if an amendment is proposed by an Article V convention of states, it will submitted to states for ratification by a vote of the people through the state convention process.


American Constitution Foundation

Web site:
Primary Leaders:
Ed Sutton, Founder, President & Executive Director –
Phone: 303-905-0966
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 468, Monument, Colorado 80132

Ronald J. Scott Jr., VP & Director of Operations
Denny J. Merideth III, VP & Director of Funding & Financial Mgt.
Vickie Depp, VP & Director of Communications

Their Mission is “to return the states to their constitutional role as part of the checks-and-balances system that protects our liberties”. Their Goal is “to facilitate the first-ever Article V convention in American history”. ACF recently completed a study of the 400+ Article V applications that states have made over the years and analyzed the applications that may still be aggregated for a “general” Article V convention. See that study HERE.


Campaign Constitution

Web site:
Primary Leader:
John M. Cogswell, Chairman, President, Secretary –
Phone: 719-395-4900
This organization seeks “to preserve our Freedom by limiting the power of Congress with process amendments to the Constitution, originated and ratified by the States without the discretionary participation of Congress, which will encourage the election of leaders who have the virtue and courage to be statesmen.”

John Cogswell is an attorney who has practiced for 48 years. He is a graduate of Yale University and Georgetown Law Center, who has appeared before the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, US District Courts in Colorado, Kansas and the
District of Columbia, and the Supreme Courts of Colorado and Kansas. Cogswell recently invested more than 250 hours reading and carefully studying the hundreds of state applications for a convention to propose amendments.
Cogswell recently issued his legal opinion that a willing Congress could easily find sufficient state applications to justify an immediate Call for a convention of states under the terms of Article V. His 39-page (plus numerous pages of appendix documentation) opinion is not exactly bedtime reading, but should be read and studied by every state legislator, Article V activist, and member of Congress. Download and read Cogwell’s opinion HERE, and his documentation Appendix HERE.


Auxiliary Article V Efforts


Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

A proposed constitutional amendment, known as the Equal Rights Amendment was adopted by the US Congress in 1972. Congress imposed a ratification deadline, and then extended it, but it was never fully ratified. In recent years some states have belatedly adopted ratification actions. Proponents believe the state of Virginia will soon provide the 38 th ratification, the minimum number needed to add the measure to the Constitution.

If the 38 th state ratification is achieved, at least two legal questions will arise: (1) Were the ratification deadlines controlling? and (2) what about the state ratifications which have since been rescinded? Some members of Congress are currently backing a resolution which attempts to avoid the first legal challenge by repealing the ratification deadline.

Then comes the question of the five state ratifications which have been formally rescinded. Both proponents and opponents expect the matter to go to the US Supreme Court.

The ERA Coalition, headed by Carol Jenkins and Jessica Neuwirth claims that 94% of Americans support the ERA. Their Web Site:

Alice Paul Institute, named for the woman who in 1923 initiated the drive for the ERA, is also behind the revived drive. Lucienna Beard, Executive Director and Krista Niles head that effort. Their web site is: