Research Articles on Excessive Congressional Terms

These articles address the issues surrounding lengthy Congressional terms and their impact on federal leadership and decision-making:


Term Limits: Good for the People, Good for Politicians – July, 2017 – by Larry Alton.  An op-ed printed in the American Thinker.  Alton gives a brief history of unduly long political terms and concluded, “a lack of term limits is bad for everyone. The system is more easily corrupted, the people lose trust in their government, the government becomes stale, and politicians are mentally and physically affected…”.  He notes that historically 75% of voters have supported limiting congressional terms, but that the national legislators consistently reject the idea.

Changed Conditions May Justify Term Limits – October 18, 2016 – by Robert Natelson. This is the full version of an op-ed that first appeared in the Detroit Daily News.

By the Numbers: Longest-serving members of CongressPosted at the CNN Library on June 7, 2-013 – by Amy Roberts.

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Term Limits for the Supreme Court? – August 23, 2015 – by Robert Natelson. This article first appeared in the American Thinker.